The Sound of Silence

What is a home without children?  Quiet.  
Henny Youngman

I have a baby sister who never gets quiet when she is awake. Even when she has an illness and sometimes when she is sleeping  she is sleep talking. Funny, that I'm amused at her and irritated at the same time.

My father often call her as the loudspeaker of the family. And actually in our family  I and my sister are the girls and I have  three  siblings which are boys. Oftentimes we laugh on how talkative our youngest sister is, and how silent I am in comparison. Whew!

But come to think of it, maybe if my baby sister was not born, our house will be as quiet as a museum. Since I, the eldest is already old and my brothers too, my mom and my dad will be left in our house spending time in their businesses and jobs and our house will be like an empty church. Quiet. Empty. Lonely.

Thank God, He gave unto us our baby sister. And you know what? This blog is dedicated to her and to my brothers whom I consider as children though the two are already in high school and one in college. I love them much and still now we are so close and having a good time everytime we sit in our living room or in the kitchen and in any part of the house. I love them and I love children. That's why this blog will focus on children and health, Cause you see, I and my siblings are not born that healthy but thanks God and to our parents that when we grow old, we seldom got sick and we can say that we are already healthy. Not just physically,eh, but mentally, socially, emotionally and spiritually.

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